Monday, November 3, 2014

And finally a new year's resolution

I love how my Birthday is in Novemeber

which generally allows me to make resolutions and not feel like they are cramped into the actual new year ( jan 1)

as my official new year ( re passport) is Nov 3.

This year I want to be kind.

I am not kind. Kind is not a word anyone would use to describe me.

I am dependable; fiercely loyal and always full of solutions but I am not kind.

I do not think I am mean either but I am not at the base of my being a kind person.

For one I give cash and not birthday presents.

I know I know.

However; I am learning that kindness is like a muscle and unlike muscle memory ( sadly)

So the more I act like ( fake it till you make it haaaayyy) I am a kind person,

the kinder I become.

This is going to be such a struggle for me because I spent the last year indulging myself in all the possible baby girl-ness available and just doing me ( and it was fabulous and I loved it) but I want to be kind.

And I realise that this might involve me having to sacrifice a lot of things I have grown accustomed to [ like self service laundry for actual catch up laundry session with my friends and do my laundry myself:( ]

So half year I would mentally evaluate if I like being kind ( because I also realise that I seem to like certain ideas more than the actual act. like the idea of being kind seems so beautiful but I might not like it when I start being kind)

And I would know if it is an attribute I would love to develop long term.

So word for 26 is kind.

here is to kindness keeping me grounded.

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