Sunday, November 23, 2014

12:40 am

And I am awake in my hotel room.

for some reason I did not shower all day
and now I might have to shower.

And I hate showering at mid night.

You know what I need?

I need a holiday.

Life is so weird, A solo holiday for all this scandalous and maybe one with friends.

I can not belive 2014 is almost over gosh.

And I also can not believe my driver's license has expired for almost two years now.

And I can not believe I did not go away for my birthday ( I am currently saving for a lavish solo holiday next year)

And I also can not believe  next year makes it 10 years since I left QC.

* join me to collective say OMGGGG*

I have been mentally putting together a 30  before 30 list; but I keep drawing blanks

So can I do a 15 before 30?

Meh I dunno; I probably will anyway.

I has been ages since I wrote in my actual journal and I miss it.

I travel around with one all the time to jot down the gems during the introspection I never get to do when I travel but I carry it around none the less.

I am getting really restless at work.

Bored really.

But i am thinking of staying for three more years so I can become a fellow of the institiute before 30.

Although; I might have died of boredom by then.

I also need to edit my linkedin page.

It is so dreadfully bare.

And while I am not one to compare myself; I see some people's page and I say to myself - baby girl you are slaccckinnggg and loosing this race one linkedin update at a time.

For one I am never properly dressed ( for work)- I am that person the flimsy blouse and semi formal skirt - and hence I have not a single photo of me in a suit or anything remotely professional for my linkedin page.

Two I need a new job;

Three I do not have the power or currently possess the job seeking skills I seek.

Also I do not know if I can write GMAT again.

or practice for it.

Not washing my face last night and then today is going to give me some very delicious pimples that would have me cursing the skin gods tomorrow.

And yet here I sit, refusing to wash my face.

that thing about being your own enemy has never been truer than now.
but you know what they say- YOLO.

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mizchif said...

Speaking of Linkedin i took a look at my page yesterday and shook my head. Very bare, did some editing, but about the picture i don't think there exists one officious looking picture of me anywhere.

I also need several vacations. Preferably one that is paid for by someone else as this current position can't afford the type of vacay i have in mind.


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