Thursday, November 13, 2014

Presents, Laughter and showing your workings.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record

I love men who make me laugh.

tonight I found out one of my friends is getting married - side bar every body and their non existent pet parrot is getting married.

So I'm teasing him and I ask him

" ah na so you no gree marry me again"

And his response floored me. I haven't laughed that hard in maybe three days.

He said " Yes now, when you no gree show workings"

I have laughed so much in recent times, it is border line obscene that I can be this happy/excited again.

Today my friend ( term used loosely here) came by my office to drop off my birthday present ( also a virtual cookie for anyone who knows what item off my wish list got crossed off)

And we just sat in the car and chatted for like an hour in that heat about everything.

And I really enjoyed that.

I quite liked the fact that there was no awkward ness and just plain open-ness.

For someone who is supposedly unkind- I find people are willing to open up to me a lot.

Anyways It was nice, It reminded me of boozey brunches which invariably led to reckless conversations.

While I do not say this enough since all I talk about are my wretched men/ small abuja boyfriends

I realise that I love and I am thankful for my female friends.

Really thankful.

So if you are a woman in my life, thank you.

You are a star girl and I fucking appreciate you.

Also we should have lunch sometime.

For -real; insist I am amazing company and I have the best gist about everyone else

Did I mention I want to quit gossiping this year along with being kind?

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mizchif said...

I've been thinking lately that you remind me of myself. A lot.

I dunno how people do without female friends. I don't have many but they are my life support.

A boozy lunch is always a good idea. Always.

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