Wednesday, November 12, 2014

help! SOS

If there is one thing you must know about me

I am a border line hoarder that hates to lose things.

about 8 years ago; my aunt gifted me with this perfect watch

And I loved it; wore it and changed the batteries only once.

Last year I moved to dundee; and when I was moving out I forgot it on my dressing table.\

And that I would pop into Dundee sometime and pick it up.

My aunt thought the idea was ridiculous as my friends could just post it to me.

Long story short- they lost the watch.

So I go online to look for it EVERYWHERE.

And I can not find it.

Finally today I stumble upon an image and a short description of the watch from  1998.


So if anyone has any information about this watch

it is the silver interlocking heart bracelet one one the extreme left in the image above.

Now I have checked every where; to no avail- 

I am willing to pay a small finder's fee to whoever can provide me solid leads 

As my aunt's heart would break if I have to confess to her that this watch is missing.


It's a YSL, simple quartx, silver stainless steel, heart face, interlocking heart braclet watch made to commemorate 40 years of the fashion house.

If anyone has any leads please PLEASE PLEASE you can email me I have my email address in my contact me thingy of my  blog. 

Thank you in advance!

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