Monday, November 3, 2014

On liking you and You liking me

Another thing that I discovered about myself in the last year is this.

I am Likeable.

I am delightfully likable.

Like if I wanted you to like me ( male or female) I would work so hard at it; it would literally be between me and God to stop you liking me; you would have no say in it.

But then I found that I had a shit load of people who liked me that I did not really like.

So now I had a problem; I had actively and expressly put myself in your life when I did not want you in mine.

And since I am so good at leaving things I had no idea on what to do with- I would literally just stop

trying to get you to like me ( but my then it is usually too late)

Later in the year in about the last quarter of the year

I consciously decided to only concern myself with people I already like.

which meant I was going to do a lot of courting for women I liked and wanted to be friends with and all that jazz.

I find that managing these people are easier because I like them and not because they like me.

So going forward; I am going to encourage all of us; when walking into a room, when meeting people to be self aware enough to recognize early enough if you like them and want them in your life or you just really want people to like you ( and it eventually gets boring).

My friends female which I have had from QC and uni always complain about how hard it is to make friends now that we are older ( and I call bullshit) because it is.

It is pretty much because we aren't actively befriending the people who we actually like.

Ha *raises glass to how self aware I have become*

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