My life has been too full lately and for that I am oh- so thankful.

I have been lazing around ( working) and just generally being a baby girl.

Anyways I had a fraud on my Uk bank account= what is that thing about God giving grace to the humble and resisting the proud.

Dear Lord forgive my pettiness.

Anyways I went to the Hennssey Artistry concert over the weekend and OMG AMAZING!

I actually have some videos on my snap chat but I have no sound- My heart breaks for all the data I wasted sortingg that shit out


It was amazing. The concert opened with daddyShowkey then went on to baba fryo; then maverlous benji; then azadus; then styl plus then jazz man olofin  AND OLUMAINTAIN.

Olumaintain is such a baby boyyyyyyyyyy- he performed Yahoozee which is such a solid jam.

anyways Rugged man came ( meh)

Plantashun boys and wizkid were there too. can someone say nostalgia over load.

After which Eneni dragged us to sip ( I'm team Escape btw) so much space.

That sip is like hell fire.

So I decided NOT  to buy anything this month but all of a sudden; events are springing up everywhere but I am decided to attend only those I have outfits for.

I know I say I won't  buy anything everytime but I am proud to say as at 8th of December I am yet to buy one single item!


Also saturday was Tola's grandma'a birthday; small chops on fleek! and cake OMG.

I had no idea cakes and creams made such decadent cakes. I assumed it was only that ugly 3 roses cake that they made- turns out they have some interesting stuff up their sleves.

Either ways it was a good weekend.

On sunday My whole being hurt: So I turned to food in the form of Johnny rockets for healing.

The food was shit.

So shit that the person I went with said and I quote  ( ps- the statements I'm about to disclose are super inappropriate so if you might be tempted to leave any stupid comments now would be the time to stop reading)

Anyways so here I am eating my chilli cheese fries ( which is SHIT by the way)

And he tastes it. and we look at each other

and start laughing at how rubbish it is.

And he said - This thing is so nasty I can not believe you are actually eating this shit.

If I ever hear you complain about my sperm again...

And I'm like pause; how did we get here?!

Anyways I sha like the men in my life - but y'all probably already knew that. They are yummy and good to me

This is obv a preamble to them fulfilling my christmas potential wish list

Because baby girl!

Also the women are not left out of the gifts!

Y'all can buy me  presents!


mizchif said…
Wait, has he tasted his sperm before tho? So why is he.......never mind.

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