The weekend

Not the lyricist. But my ACTUAL weekend.

Was spent being well, then sick,  then well again.

Lets start from friday.

Home girl Uloh popped into town, and "destiny's child"- with me as beyonce off kess, was complete.

we went to somewhere called Nouveau. AMAZING atmosphere. I really liked that it was done up in minimalist decor. Plus I had really good company.

I was also under the strictest orders to not allow myself be toasted.

Apparently I am getting waaay too much action for a Lagos girl in Abuja. LOL ( the rumors are not true)

Fast forward to attempting to sort out my plans on Saturday I woke up, did my nails

and felt so sick.

Sicker than I had felt in my life. So I threw up. ( and smudged my freshly done nails while I was at it)

#sidebar shout out to models who are able to self induce vomiting- You are stars, in your own right.

And then I threw up again.

went to a pharmacy to get something to stop the 1- killer headache AND stomach ache and intense nausea.

Took the suggested drugs- then threw up AGAIN.

took a second set ( because I bought two sets),  had lunch then ( You guessed it)

Threw up again.

Now this wasn't that cute hold my hair back while I vomit because I had too much too drink last night throw up session.

This was an actual medical condition where my vomit reflexes were on over drive and my tummy wont accept any food.

So after that session, I got dressed and attended a wedding, because you know I'm not a quitter.

Fast forward to getting back from the wedding, I threw up again.

Then I had my cousin who is a medical student come and see me, she suggested I eat dry garri and take an ORT solution.

I did, went to bed, woke up AND THREW UP AGAIN.

Then I knew I had to go to the hospital.

Went to Maitama general hospital- which was almost deserted, although there was no bed space.

This hospital visit is a different post all together but I couldn't be hydrated with a IV solution because - bomb blast victims had taken all the bed space.

Anyways two injections later I was sent on my merry way.

fast forward to Sunday.

throwing up had ended. But I had to keep going back to take shots.

we had a karaoke session, and all went to take my shots.

I was freaked out, I haven't had an injection in maybe 10 years.

I'm hardly ever really sick. to be honest, So all that vomiting for no just cause freaked me the hell out.

Anyways - That's how my weekend went.

Ps- Is there a way I can put up a song and attach it to a certain post so you can listen to it once you click on the link?

so my readers can read my posts with the songs I wrote them playing in the same back ground??

IT GUYSSSSSS- sort this out.

Also. after much self evaluation- which I have been doing a whole lot of since hotel living and too much time on my hands.

And it turns out- I have somehow morphed into someone I would hate if I met.

And I'm like do I own this change or do I take steps to not be this person.

*walking past the fork in the road and going straight on this one*

AKA doing nothing and watching how it all plays out but feeling immensely sorry for ALL the possible collateral damage that might occur as I take this course of action.

Actually, I do not feel sorry for shit.

And I should. And I hate that I do not.- But not as much as I should.

#np Collide- Howie day
#np Headlines- Drake


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