I feel most beautiful when I wake up with no decisions I can regret.

When I listen to John mayer.

When I just get my nails done- actually this makes me feel like my life is in order.

When I can cater to those in my life.

Nothing Makes me happier than being able to cater to the people who I care about.

and being happy makes me feel like a princess.

Have you heard the John Mayer XO cover?

So beautiful plus I can actually hear what the words of the songs are.

So hauntingly beautiful.

You kill me Boy- XO.

I think I need a celebratory drink. But imma wait till june.

I lost so much weight over the weekend being ill.

I like what I look like naked- I think My bikini photos are gonna look smashing.

So top tip from me- If you wanna lose weight- fall ill.

Another thing. I have really pronouced cheek bones, so when Im contoured, I look like I had botox shots- Does this happen to anyone else?

Or just me?


Adaeze Ezike said…
"If you wana loose weight fall ill"... i can relate to that cuz right now I feel like a pack of bones.... lool it's not funny tho

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