Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On being cocky.

My friend Lekan tweeted about how my cocky responses slay him.

Im going to blog about our basic exchange and how I wasn't even cocky.


Lekan basically talks about how he wants to open  20 more accounts to follow his role model ( henri who is apparently a football god and what not- I think he is sexy AF) but that is neither here or there.

I reply that what he wants to do is akin to worship. he laughs and and asks about my bobo's.

I reply- and quite honestly if I might add- that they are alright, offering me entertainment.

him- Multitasker.

me- It is what it is.

and all of a sudden I'm cocky.

I used to be so "happy in love" Just reading my 2012 posts.

I honestly can not believe how cynical and jaded I have become.

It's such a 180 degree change, if it was someone else this happened to, I would honestly recommend therapy.

Currently listening to fur elise as I type this and I remember all the best memories attached to it.

Im going to curl into fetal position and cry.

LOL jk.

I'm going to have dinner with my friend who is in town for one night only- because


Virtual cookies for who knows what that means.

Actually. scratch that. It means You only live once, might as well make it tasty.

Side bar- I might need to get married so the men I work with leave me the fuck alone.

It is amusing but after 2 weeks it gets old.

Dear men, Stop it.

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Lekan Adio said...

Haha, yes your transformation is lovely, i remember your 'the lover' phase. Makes ,me laugh now.


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