Monday, April 7, 2014

The weekend and positive reviews

I had been dreading, coming back home and giving Abu- my mothers washerman, all my clothes to slack and wreck with omo and what not.

Then my friends told me that they use a laundro-mart in Lekki.

Me- They have actual laundromarts?

Them- Please go away.

Long and short, I followed them and spent ONLY  1k.

That is one thousand Naira.

I was too excited. we did 5 washes at 4,800. Naira ONLY.

Anyway the service was exceptional and the mart is located at lush mall on admiralty opposite cold stone.

I somehow managed to forget my ipad there I tweeted at them and sent an email to someone there.

In under 5 minutes, a staff had gotten back to me and confirmed the presence of an ipad and said I could come and pick up anytime before they closed at 9.

Asides the fact that I did not have an #airkwhereismyIpad situation, I really liked the place.

I feel like we have started making life easy for ourselves, laundromarts, home cooked meals that can be ordered online.


Life is good.

My weekend was chilled, I attended a work out class that has me all over in pain, till now. Loved it. and I am excited and looking forward to next week's class- if it does hold.

So Adura O, thank you.

Laundro-mart is EZ wash and Dry. they have a place in yaba and lekki.
Yaba is at ozone center on commercial avenue.

Back at work and I know in my heart of hearts that I am so over paid employment, and waking up in the morning. I think I am a night person. or I am still jetlagged. either ways.

I read other people's blogs and I think they are so aware of how they feel and what not. and I am just here picking beans and talking about my nails and my hair and the many men in my life.

Last night on my way back from getting my ipad in lekki, I witnessed an accident.

So over Lagos drivers and thier acting like they own the damn roads man.

That accident was totally unavoidable but people never learn. always speeding and beating lights and what not.


Here is to an amazing week, filled with positive stories.


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