Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On gifting.

Because my love language is split evenly between quality time and gift giving.

I automatically buy presents and give cash and give things out rather easily to the people I like.

A new group I just started super spoiling- My male "platonic" friends.

I put platonic in air quotes because people seem to think they do not exist.

But they do.

Even though they still try ( But I have stopped blaming them for that wretched behavior- Male DNA and stoffs)

Anyway I noticed that everytime I do or attempt to do something for my male friends, they are waaaay to excited.

And I'm like I do the same for my female friends, and they dont bat an eyelid?

Are the men in our generation ( or men generally) so used to being on the giving side that being on the receiving end is so foreign.

And it is shameful because they become like excited puppies. And I'm like can you calm yo tiddays nigga?

That is neither here or there- Just making general observation.

Something that is totally freaking me out is this whole kidnapping thing in Borno.

Because I went to boarding school I understand how freaking ridiculous it must be to wake up and someone comes to carry you away. Like just grab 200 girls and vanish.

And no one can find the girls.

Then today- reports that they (BH) sold the girls for N2000?

And when the military was informed- they dilly dallied. Like

What is going on?

Why? how is that even logically possible?


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