On friendships

I have a few friends, and they try for me.


But today my friend and I were talking (because I love her, I would not say her name)

But she is very good looking.

F: So how are you and hows your man life?

Me: I'm fine. sober and earning my daily bread

F: Still in Abuja.

Me: unfortunately, I need a job to eat.

F: I asked about your man life.

Me: Oh you know- celibate and shit.

F: wait. You are sober, celibate and in Paid employment

Me: You make it sound bad when you say it like that.

F: But it is bad. and you are mad. As a doctor, I should tell you, you can do only 1 of the three.

Me: Why would no one support my need to be sober.

F: Because you have no need to be sober.

Me:  I'm trying to make heaven

F: LOL, I doubt moscato will keep you out. I suggest you get a drink, dick holders and keep your job.

Me: girl bye.

My friends as I said, are amazing, they give the best advice and they cater to my every single whim.

So thank you for your sound advice that I wont be taking.

Also my friend cooked me dinner tonight. So Ani bobo, Thank you, you are a star. the brightest.

But you get your light from me so you kind of have no choice.

Thankful all around.

I also had the most amusing night of innuendo's and conversation.

I'd hate to say it but I think Abuja is warming up to me.


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