Friday, April 25, 2014

A thirty before thirty

I'm thinking of a thirty before thirty bucket list since I am going to be turning thirty in 5 years.

OMG I am on the other side of my twentiesssssssss.

I do not feel a day older than 23. Honestly it feels like I feel into a time wrap with sharwama and thats why I gained all this weight.

But I can pass for 23, and I feel 23.

When ever. No, if ever, I start that list, boycott Virgos Lounge will be on it.

While I do not currently own a piece because- their stock is the purest of pure water when it comes to clothes in Nigeria.

I went to their site and found that they had some sale thing going on.

Andddddd they even had free delivery but wait for it.....................................

Wont accept Nigerian cards.

This is not a problem- except both my Londre's cards are maxed out.

Y'all need to stop judging me and my shopping habits.

And so I went to bed seething and fuming and thinking of ways to boycott VL.

Today it just occurred to me that I could

a- Put some money in my card and pay ( aka stop being such a patriotic bitch)
b- STFU about it and get on with my life ( because tbh I do not need the clothes)
c- Just buy the clothes and stop whining.

I hate when things do not go my way- even more than that. I hate whiners.

I hate that VL is turning me into a whiner.

I want to go home abeg.

My manager popped in and said- I would not be leaving Abuja any time soon.

* pout*

In defiance I wore a pair of white jeans to work today.

which in retrospect I shouldn't have because
1- I am wearing very dark lips
2- Abuja cabs said they would shrivel and die if they are clean.

I hope everyone has an eventful weekend and consumes large copious amounts of small chops.

I am currently trying to line up all the stuff I plan to do this weekend

which involve,1 nothing. 2 nothing and 3 NOT A DAMN THING.

I have missed just waking up and doing nothing.

Nigeria and paid employment finds a way to take those little joys away.

I do realize how much rambling I'm doing. but yah.

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