The best super power

From when I was younger, A trait I had which I should have honed but never did because society said it was wrong- or rather family frowned upon was persuasion.

I have been told by friends and people generally that I am manipulative. and so I kept the powers of persuasion on the back burner.

I just realized that- being able to persuade people to do what you want might not really be the worst thing in the world.

In fact. Dare I say, since I embraced it. It has probably been one of the best personal I have developed in the last  year.

I think women should be encouraged to use skills that come as second nature to them, as opposed to  what the society does and does not frown upon.

That being said- Getting things your way is not everything its hacked out to be.

Trust me- I'm still learning about this.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE putting my manipulative skills to work. once in a while.

I can not quantify how much fun I am having here.

I Love it. Usually when I go on holidays- I go shopping and then chill.

But the older I've gotten, the theme of my holidays have changed.

I find myself doing more things as opposed to buying more things.

I am not sure how I feel about this yet but- we will see.

New month- new resolutions- new everything. yet same you.

This year is FLYING!


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