Holidays, English breakfasts and Crossing thresholds.

MIAMI was everything I expected it to be and more.

I had to restrain myself from putting up all the photos on the internet.

But I did put up some.

It was such an amazing time, would definitely be going back.


Even if your life depended on it.
especially if your life depends on it.
They would screw you over in massive proportions.
I know this first hand.

I have found that I hate english breakfasts.

Although I love everything individually, I hate everything in a plate.

I am stranger than I envisioned.

You know who have arrived when your aunties talk about sex in front of you like its nothing.

Aunty A- Ah I'm looking for a boyfriend for Omo, but you say she don born again, so e go hard small.

Aunty B- How?

Aunty A- Ah, she no go allow anybody browse. and you know say all these boys of now adays na only browse dem wan do.

Aunty B- Abeg abeg, all these born again people, na dem dey log in pass. dem go just dey log into thier websites anyhow.

Me- Dying of shame/ cringing

And they just went on, so blase like its sex, Ore has sex, ore can listen, contribute and have sex conversations like- its Nothing.

I am back in London. Its Cold and miserable and I have been sleeping like I got bit by a tse tse fly.

Its the miami fever.

But I wont be here for long- I plan to go on a little trip for a while.

asides that- I have been fine. a bit drowsy. thinking of how to get my songs on my ipod to my computer.

If anyone can help me- please get at me.

Thank you.


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