Tuesday, March 18, 2014

texting problems.

A female turns 25 and all of a sudden every single male, thinks she wants to marry them.

Now when texting, I have to be extra clear.

In houston, I had to call a boy. Called him, he did not pick.

So I text him " give me a ring when you see this text"

He does not call me back.

So the next time, I physically see him, I find myself having to explain that  I infact have no desire to marry him, all I needed was for him to ring me back AKA call me, so that I could make plans for my day.

Awkward moment averted.

Today, I'm texting a different boy and excerpt of the conversation.

Him: So what are you up to?

Me: nothing much Shopping online

Him: What are you shopping for?

Me: Wedding dresses.

Him: oh

Me: yeah

Him: *typing message for 5 minutes*

Me: OMG I meant a dress for a wedding

Me: Like for my friends wedding not my wedding dress

Me: A dress to wear for my friends wedding.

Him: Lol, ok.

Me: before you start panicking.

And in my mind, I'm thinking surely, I'd have to have dated you before texting you to give me a ring.

Last I checked, you kind of have to be in some sort of relationship  no?

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toby said...

loool! Its real. This happens evritiem :)


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