Thursday, March 20, 2014


I never really did well in school.


I did not like chocolate.

You might need to do better than that.

for real. They always rewarded academic excellence with chocolate, And I've never liked them so there was no need to excel in school.

Well damn.

Benfica beat Spurs.

Shit. I closed my Ladbrokes account today. I knew I should have bet.

You have a ladbrokes account?

But I have closed it.

You do not seem like the type to gamble.

Well I used to.

You hide it well.


Why are we different to different people?

Let me rephrase and put in context.

I meet person A. Person A is male.

Person A and I have mindless banter and I give him my social media id's. ( instagram and Twitter only- God forbid anyone finds my Facebook)

And Person A gets back to me. I do not know you.

I'm kind of busy right now so you need to make your point as fast as possible.

Person A
Like who are you. I meet you and you are one person. I go on your instagram and you are someone else then I see your tweets and I do not even know what to do with you. Who are you.

Boo- there are no boxes big enough to fit me into. Stop trying. I am multi faceted like a diamond.

Person A
You are also full of it. Drinks later in the week?

My people will call your people.

So- Am I the only one who gets those messages.

People trying to place you but struggling.

Three weeks ago with my friend Jade. And she said, I honestly have no idea what is going on with you.

I said baby girl- Do not worry about me, I am on top of it. and things.

I wish people would take me for who I am and not trying to make sense of it.

I am me.
Perfect imperfections and potty mouth to match.

And I think too many people are dishonest about who they really are. Which is why I must shock people so much.

As a side bar

Along with giving up gambling and betting. I stopped drinking alcohol.

For my skin, weight and to enable me leave the club with the right man. Make better life choices.

As much as the next person, or probably more I enjoy a good drink every now and then so you can imagine that this is really hard for me.

couple this with the fact that I arrive Lagos tomorrow for GOOD.

School is over and I am back to work.

Equal parts excited and dreading it. even worse the fact that I cant drink myself to stupor after a bad audit.

That being said I can not believe how fast last year went by. Gosh.

One more thing- People tell me i'm a bit too cheery.

I think the world has enough problems without me adding gloom to it. you know?

and to be honest- I am actually quite blessed, My life is good and has me sitting pretty at the top right now.

Pss- I still have not found a buyer for my black dress. these things do not usually take this long, I complained to my friend ( who I was propositioning to buy my dress- without much success, I might add)

His response-  Maybe you are losing it.

Me- that one sef dey.

And speaking of friends- I received the most delightful email this week from Oyetola of this delicious blog. We used to be pen pals or email pals and just basically check in on each other. It was refreshing to read the trail. Oye boom Love you!

But she has since retired.

So when I return to Lagos, I will be seeking a replacement for pen-pal ship. or links to blogs which are as personal as mine.

I feel like there are no personal blogs anymore.

Post is everywhere as always. Typo's are all mine.

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