Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Validation and friendships.

If you know me in real life,or read my blog or follow me on Twitter and or Instagram.
You must know of my friend Debo.

Debo is worth his weight in Gold bars when it comes to putting things in perspective for me.

I have made certain choices that I believe are relevant for my sanity and as usual, they cause pain for others - I seem to be in the business of doing that these days.

Anyway so I'm talking to Debo and he tells me.

You are a lot of things, but you are not a bad person.

It made my day.

I'm thankful for friends like Debo- he insisted I remained in his life when I wanted to get out many times.

and I honestly LOVE him.

So Debo, I know you do not read this, but thank you. I love you.

And I can not wait to be truly happy because I know that it would bring you happiness too.

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