When you start a journey.
You make a plan.

You have a map.
What you don't do- is give much though to those you meet on the journey.

Today I had to write an acknowledgement for my report.

And I froze- I still haven't written it.

But I just realized how much help I had on the journey.

And how little my plan mattered, and How important the people I met on the journey were.

And I am getting emotional trying to condense the last year into three concise lines- in accepatable academic lingo and  I ended up here on my blog. In my safe place.

Just so thankful.
So much gratitude.

Half of me cant believe I'm here, the other half cant believe how I even got here.

Yet here I am. Survivor.

So thank you. I acknowledge you.

And I remain indebted to you for all you did.


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