Saturday, February 1, 2014

On men and Shoes.

My family friend just moved from America to London. As is natural, I did some online shopping and had them ship my stuff to his house before he moved.

What did I buy? shoes.

And on the phone tonight while we were making plans for me to stop over in London, get my shoes, cook him dinner for a few days among other things he pointed me to  very very very important self flaw.

I lie to myself.

Last time we were together in America we went shopping together, and I bought a bunch of shoes, all the while repeating how and I quote " I really hate shoes/ shoes are really not my thing, I'm really a bad girl".

My Nigga was like- I swear you keep talking about how you hate shoes- But you bought 10 pairs the other day, you had me buy two extra pairs and you do not really like shoes?

Maybe you say that to yourself, but you need to face up to the fact that you are a shoe lover.

Side bar- I swear in my heart, I really am a bag girl.

So after that we just randomly touched base on a bunch of stuff. Lagos, mutual friends back home.

And obviously the men in my life- after which we concluded that
1- Niggas aint shit.
2- I'm not ready for Nigerian men
3- I use the term " Lean-in" waaaaay too much for someone who hasn't even read the book.

Randomly I love how we just had seamless conversation from topic to topic about nothing and everything.

Good conversations that to do veer towards marriage are everything.

Lord give me more of those.

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theOOhj said...

Just. Read.The.Book. Already then...

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