How believable are stereotypes?
I ask because I get labelled with the most random types.

for instance - I meet people off  the internet twitter and they hit me with
" Oh I cant believe you are tall. you do not tweet like a tall person"

LOL how do tall people tweet?

Or the one I get the most in real life- You do not look like you have long hair.

Because I am Nigerian with relaxed hair, I think I am expected to have short hair not almost bra length hair.

LOL it makes no sense.

Stereotyping is awkward- and usually incorrect.

But as much as I hate it, I am the Queen of stereotyping, how else am I supposed to categorize the men I meet, if I do not use the stereotypes?

I have had waaaaaaaay too much to drink tonight so all errors belong to me.

PS- I do not usually drink 4 bottles of wine of Monday nights, I came to visit my friends and we just had a cook in with slcohol and here I am.
Twerking to Up down and being a general nuisance.

Do you have friends who you have had for over 10 years?

These ones are one of my most loyal set.

I am crazy about these day one niggas abeg. These wipe my tears dry ass type niggas.

i needto ask something about giving the opposite sex green light. but when im more coherent.



theOOhj said…
a cook in with slcohol..

Clearly had way too much fun... P Carry go...

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