Independent Woman Circa DC3 single

I must have been in Js3 when that single dropped.

The shoes on my feet - I bought it
Clothes I'm wearing- I bought it

The song goes further to point out the fact that the car and the house were bought by the independent women.

I sang along- even though I have never ever ever been truly independent.

Not in Js3. and Definitely not now, almost 15 years later.

And nothing makes me more aware of how " dependent" I am- than having travelling all the way from Scotland to London by the train and praying fervently for a nice man to offer to carry mu suitcases down the stairs.

One - Dear TFL, why do stations still exist without step free access? in 2014?

Two - to the Premium Vanilla Brazilian looking young man who offered to help me carry my bag even when I mentioned it was heavy and did not once drop the bag the whole flight of stairs.

Thank you. You make dependence bearable.

Three and finally I think I have a shopping problem. I might be addicted to retail.

That being said I honestly look forward to when I can say I am independent and sing along to DC3 without my conscience taunting me. Until then if you are willing to buy me shoes or clothes I wont say no.

ps: Is it possible to get married in black?
I found the most delicious dress in Black yesterday.

The dress gave me - THAT body.

I mean I have the body or rather I'm currently on my way to getting that body BUT this dress takes me all the way there.

If the spirit leads you- in the spirit of Valentine or any other reason you have my email. get at me.

If the spirit does not lead you and you still think I deserve that dress. get at me.

If you need to see me in the black dress. Get at me. or my instagram here

Happy Valentines day all. I wish all of you who have chosen Love over fear the best and lots and lots of hapiness.

pss: I suspect a lot of women are side chics- where are all the presents your boo gave you?

psss: except that one girl whose boyfriend gave her 7 bottles of perfume- which invariably begs the question, does she smell?


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