Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I love to travel but I hate to pack.

Ina bid to save some money I was going to spend the night at my friends house and get a cab to heathrow.

My Aunt who is super intuitive, and such a bad bitch offered to pay for my cab provided I come see her tomorrow morning before I leave.

her husband called the taxi and she made the payment online. All of this was done in 10 minutes.

Even though I told her I would not have minded if she put the money towards my black dress fund.

Yes- That is still a thing.

Meanwhile- MIAMI!!!!

I am so excited to be going to miami, Asides the fact that the kardashians have taken the city iver and over again.

Hello Sun,Sand and sea ( Limca!). The constant raining in Scotland was driving me crzy.

So I popped into Coventry where I drank more than the recommended 5.6 units of alcohol per week in three days.

I plan to give up alcohol for Lent.

Which Is intense because- I get to Miami on Ash Wednesday.

And I had so many plans for all the mimosa's I was going to wake up to.

Anyway as an aside two amazing things happened to me today.
1- I lost my travel card at stratford- I stopped by to do some last minute, last minute shopping.

And the guy at the ticket gate let me through.

2- I stumbled across the krispy kreme stand and the lady gave me an extra doughnut because- I looked like I needed it.

The awoof lover in me could not  resist.

My Bikini body for the beach is obv on the shelf.

Last night in Cov, we found a karaoke bar- i should upload the videos.

Can I point out how I hate hate hate that some women get engaged and change thier instagram bio's to " wife to be"!

Hello can we live in the present please.

My friends accused me of working out simply because I did not want to improve on my personality and become a better person.

Me- urm girls, I do not think the men in my life can fuck my personality.

Everyone- Erupts into laughter.

I really need to stop drinking.
And I need men to start handling rejection a lot better.

I get that the worst thing to happen to them are bad games by the sports team they support. but Im going to need them to handle rejection better.

Dear men- embrace failure and fail forward.

Speaking to failure- Can you really really really really move forward from like an old relationship and not screw up the new one with the supposed lessons you are coming with?

Like why can't we just get clean slates- mentally.

In recent times, I am coming to terms with the fact that I am passive aggressive and I Love it.

I have been agressive all my life. so This passive. Has me like - Oh I do not quite not like you.

Yes figure it out now.


This post is everywhere. I really need to settle down and write something coherent soon.

Dear readers, bear with me.

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