Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3.
September 3rd 2013.

Fewer things make me uncomfortable than an older man hitting on me inappropriately.

I remember going to visit a friend of mine and her dad told me he loved me and wanted to date me.

I was so freaked out, I ran away and made a conscious effort to never visit her whenever he was around.

Because I am a selfless person by nature, people with low self esteem make me uncomfortable. I always feel the need to dim my light so everyone can be comfortable.

People who indulge in self depreciating comments make me uncomfortable, because I am unable to make those kind of statements in return to keep the conversation going and then I look like I am proud or conceited. When in reality I am content with what my legs look like.

People who say things like " I heard XYZ, but I can not tell you who told me"- I'm always in my mind like- take your half loaf of miserable gist out of my life jare.

Off all this, people touching my hair, or body, inappropriately* makes me really irriatable and uncomfortable.

Read inappropriate to mean-
1.without invitation, which may be express or implied but usually the invitation is clear.
2.when both parties are sober and in a really professional environment- Like work.

Basically when I'm drunk in the club, I have no problem with people touching me or my hair or dancing with me.

One more thing is make me irritated and disgusted ( even though this post is about things making me uncomfortable) is people who get upset when people hit them in the club. Im like- do you think I came here in my sexy out fit to brush my luscious chocolate butter skin on your fucking ashy elbows?

Like is that what you really think? that you can open your smelly mouth to start chatting shit because I mistakenly stepped on you at the club and apologized????  Lagos is just different.

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