Thursday, September 5, 2013

Public Declaration of Love and Affection

Day 5.

I totally Love the Rust geek's writing- and from the little I have gleaned off him, I have come to admire his persona.

I like Ani's blog as well. He writes laboriously but I have come to appreciate it.

if only he would write some more.

Today I publicly declare my love for my Aburo- Who I know Does not own a blog, and should.

When I started my Internship here- I just wanted to learn but as usual, I made friends and my Aburo is the dearest of them all.

We bonded over her body piercings and my lowkey freaky attitude.

Low Key.

Slowly she won my heart and I her's and we have become some what inseparable.

If I could be 21 again, I would not mind being her- Light skinned natural haired and broken hearted.

What makes my Aburo great is how open. trusting and honest she is. I do not know a less self serving person.

Who is more beautiful inside and out.

Remember when I said God had brought me new friends- I think I am putting My Aburo on that list.

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