Monday, September 2, 2013

Something I know A lot about.

I have been tweeting about this post-

Should I write about false friends? - I seem to have learnt a significant amount of the issue in recent times.

Or about how to care for nails?

Or about how to grow your hair- as is evidenced by my yansh length human hair- albeit relaxed.

But then I decided you can read up on that every where you want. I am going to write about something every Nigerian both local content and imported returnee's need.

The Art of Crossing the road in Nigeria- Especially the Zebra Crossing.

When one is unfortunate enough not to be in a car and has to encounter a zebra crossing in Nigeria, the rules differ dramatically.
what do I mean?

For one- The cars no not stop for you.

Yes- It is your pedestrian right, but the cars will never stop for you- be it in Ogba, Yaba, Alausa, VI, VGC. The cars simply do not stop. Why? Simply because you are not a Zebra.

So how do you cross the roads in Nigeria? Simple.

 Do not look left and right and left again.

Say a prayer to God, and cross the road. while flagging down the car zooming towards you and hope it has brakes that are functioning.

Many Lives have been lost while crossing the road in Lagos- A fool proof method, is to wait until a mob needs to cross the road and then mingle in when the crowd dashes into the road forcing the cars to slow down.

Or you can ask your office security to help you flag down the cars, while you cross- Although this method is comes at a price- N200-N500 tips to the security men.

All in all, It is quite an experience when you finally get a hang of it and then it grants you an inkling when you are driving such that you don't seem so upset when all the cars behind you are "horning" incessantly as you slow down to let pedestrians cross the road.

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Anonymous said...

Ore, you are hilarious!
Very beautiful, honest yet crazy blog post you have here....

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