Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Most Embarrassing Moment.

Day 10:  Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

So when I was maybe 10 or 11, I went to Abuja with my mother and we met up her friend and her friends kids- who we hung out with the whole time at Sheraton.

I had the hugest- est crush on one of her kids, and I was always striving to impress him.

So at lunch one day- the waiter brought us water- in a jug and a bucket of Ice.

As a babe- who could not drink room temp water- I loudly requested for Ice- But used the word block.

" Can someone please pass me the BLOCK", I screeched....

#pause. #flickhair #eyecontactwiththeboyofmydreams

And everyone stopped talking- and my crush passed me the ice bucket..

And loudly proclaimed " It's Ice... Not Block"

Even though this happened over 10 years ago.. I can not think of any more embarrassing thing to have ever happened to me.

Not even when I ran into this guy at the club- who hailed me as the QUEEENNN of facebook/ the Queeeenn of Sexiness... etc etc etc...

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