Monday, September 9, 2013

Do not be bitter- Be better.

If there is anything you can do to yourself- Avoid being bitter.

Bitterness eats away at your joy- from inside. You become dark, ugly and you have a frown always giving you wrinkles.

Bitterness changes you- Not in the way you expect because you have no idea- until you have changed.

You know how you can not be bitter- Just stop.

Do not be bitter- Be better.

People ask me how can you not be bitter and I tell them Karma.
The knowledge that what you do will come after you- and yours is enough satisfaction for me to be merry with my self.

I do no ill wishing tho- I feel like there is little or no need for that.

Over the weekend- I experienced so much love from my friends and witnessed first hand how bitterness can diminish a person.

While I have had horrible experiences with friends- this weekend reminded me that I still had a lot of loyal ones who have my back.

And made me realise that I might have been unfair to treat them so badly because one bad behaviors of people.

This weekend tho so terribly short.Was a very pleasant weekend.

I am thankful for my family and the few good friends in my life... Also to God for weeding out the shit ones- giving me space to love the legit ones harder than ever.

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Tobiloba said...

God bless you lady :) you speak hard truths so many times I'm really grateful for your blog!


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