Saturday, December 1, 2012


My friend got married today, I was so excited!

And she was super ecstatic too!

Because I am such a former and I am uber shy, I am sure I will cringe when at my wedding the kiss the bride moment comes up- OR i would have had enough alcohol to lean into it thoroughly.

That being said, I do not think I like PDA very very much.

What is strange about this is that- I have no idea why I do not like it. I am uncomfortable when people around me attempt to get super loved up with a significant other.

I am that girl who would rather run to make out in a dark parking lot at the club than actually in the club.

This is so odd because two years ago- I was a public kisser.

I think I am becoming a more private person. I do not know IF I like this.

Today I had a false flash of happiness- And it felt so damn good. I was not even mad when I discovered it was not true.

I was kind of amused.

I will have to get back on twitter soon- Except I think I have forgotten how to tweet and the proper internet etiquette. - But when I get to that bridge I will cross it.

At the insistence of my aunt who said wearing flats would take away from my outfit today- I wore heels.

I do not think I have had a more through calf work out ever. ever. not even when I was in igbobi and I had to lift sandbags 50-100 times a day.

Anyways- It was not exactly fun- extremely uncomfortable AND my ankles killed me for hours afterwards.

I do not know how I would have survived If I was not 6ft tall.

struggling with 6 inch heels and all that *shudders*

Anyways I am sure some people derive some joy from the pain.

My friend who is a heel connoisseur has corns on her toes- and her feet are ugly as fuck- She claims she has been squeezing them into impossible shoes.

I do not even have a toe fetish but if I was male- I would def need to see your feet before committing to anything.

I am currently re-reading "act like a lady and think Like a man" Like I earlier stated, I do not really have man problems- This isn't me bragging or anything. Its me being honest. I can spot bull shitters a mile away and I tend to attract men, in copious amounts.

at lunch on sunday with my Friends- One said, her new game plan was to get all the people on her case to take her out to eat religiously. I said I envy you, If I was single, that would probably be what I would be up too as well, so I'm cool with that. Other friend said, shebi you need to find the men to be toasting you before you can be going out to eat.

And I replied= If I was single I would have men who would be willing to take me out to eat.

Its really simple- Men like me.

But that isn't the point I am trying to make. The point I am trying to make is that the book is not really a play book if men like you.

It is witty commentary, Personally I do not think a christain who says they are a christain but proposes pre martial sex is one who should be giving relationship advise sha- But you know orishirishi America. It is a good read, If you are bored, However, If you have man trouble- I think you should steer clear from this book.

Like a million and one miles away.

It does you no favors.

I have started running/ Jogging again. This time it was as a result of the fact that I was bored- And If I jog at maybe 9- all the wretched men in my estate wont leave me alone- So I go at night Like 11:20 ish.

My friend Debo thinks I'm mad- he says better Toasted than mugged.

I am so thankful for my friends, They are all so sweet & appreciative of things I do not even consider to be major things that I do for them,

I always get Thank you babe/  I love you babe messages- until recently this did not warm my heart, but with the new changes looming in the horizon, I'm trying my best to savour this.

I have been getting a lot of love lately.

From the strangest of places.

You know when you want something- get it and then you are not sure it is what you wanted?

I can not wait to lock my hair! Dread locks for the win!

This post is so everywhere! urgh! urgh! urgh!

Can you miss someone in advance? Like is that logically possible?

Does anyone have any tips asides "just be yourself" when attempting to make new friends?

Because to be honest- friend making is the worst thing ever.

I just watched Mr& Mrs- Can someone say Low budget? Or maybe the Nigerian films that are always so eager to spend a whole scene eating ice cream at mr biggs has colored my views- That film might have as well been someone in film schools assignment.

The story line well- It is predictable-  Except In real life when you leave the men usually upgrade to a newer model. who can do everything better faster and harder than you.

How did I just realise that Sugar. Honey. Iced. Tea dream kept singing about is actually SHIT?

I love Old music- I feel like my soul- Musically- is stuck in the wrong generations all this Gbon gbon gbon music is not really speaking to me.

And does nothing for me. And music always does something to me.

This post is so jumbled up- I would not even bother to proof read it- I think I had a bit too much palm wine today.

How is it that I can hold Vodka, whiskey, brandy etc etc but palm wine gets me tipsy?

Does that not defy all logic?


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O girl better get toasted. What is the meaning of 11pm jogging? Biko


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