Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 and 2013

This year was a good year.

One of the best really.

I found myself. Did a lot of travelling. Got into a deeper level of understanding of what a relationship entails. Entered into a new level of a relationship.

Lost some weight. Gained some more weight.

Applied for my masters. Got in. Got my Visa. And all that jazz.

Got some very delicious presents this year.

Stopped being so judgemental.

Carried out two solo audits.

Audit led my 1st audit.

Made no new friends.

Lost a couple of friends.

Learnt to mind my business ( this was particularly hard for me- but the peace of mind that comes with it knows no bounds)

Learnt to keep secrets.

Became ACA.

Became closer to my sister.

Cemented the relationship with the lovers family( his brothers are amazingly selfless)

Got promoted at work.

Finally Quit my job.

2012 was a very very very good year.

I must say my life is super enviable. And all of this is to the glory of God.

All thanks to God in heaven for bringing me through.

What does 2013 hold for me.

Simple- Piano lessons, weight loss and a 1st class degree.

Because I struggle with expressing myself when writing( sometimes), the need to learn the piano is overwhelming.

Hence I want to learn to play the piano.

Weight loss- that's a given. All year round.

As for the degree- I implore you to join your jands with mine and ask God to gimmie the discpline to just settle down and get that shit over with.

And I have to admit. Bsc, Msc, ACA would raise my bride price quite nicely. And all under 25 too.


In 2013, I wish you all happiness. Both deserved and undeserved.

Peace of mind that gives you assurance that a God sits upon the throne.

And the grace and discipline to actually carry out all out new resolutions.

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