Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Around 8 pm in Victoria Island, one of my mothers drivers was going home, when men of the night attempted to snatch his car- He fought them off and got stabbed.

Luckily for him he was wearing his mopol outfit, and police passing by stopped drove him to the police station and then the general hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, my aunt who is a tailor in Ebute metta handed me the CV of her land lady. the CV owner has a BSc in economice- But I can not seem to find a job/ opening anywhere.

And I am so sad. :(

This is not what I wanted to write about- I was going to tell you about my beautiful friend, who encourages me to be a better significant other.

But I am still so sad about the situation of the country.

It seems like everything is just falling apart,

and people are here screaming Good Nation, Great people.

good nation my fucking ass.

If my mother did  not get to general hospital on time, they would not have treated her driver- Because of #5,000.


There is too much madness in this country.- Even worse, after cleaning and stitching the wound, he started coughing up blood- Turns out the doctor should have drained the blood that spilled internally before cleaning up.

Nigeria is a ticking time bomb.

And I hope none of my loved ones are here when the bomb goes off.

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