Tuesday, July 18, 2017

testimonyyyy tahmmmm.

I do not worry a lot.

Things work out a lot for me, and those that don't, I chalk them up to things that shouldn't and I when I look back I'm thankful that they didn't.

But I worry sometimes about money when I make poor choices because I run a really tight ship with my finances.

Like if I deviate or wrongly forecast, I literally have to live on N5k for a week type tight ship.

Anyway, my friends and I have been trying to go to Ghana for AGES. and these heifers are the most unreliable sme sme filled girls. So to say we haven't been able to sort it out is an understatement.

Sha on saturday I was at Yoga, and turns out a bunch of people are going to * insert African country* and I'm interested.

Then when I'm told how much it costs I'm like yeah sign me UP.

So I pay for the accommodation on the spot.

And I'm like cool, I still have money for my mechanic who came to take my car that morning.

Sha, mechanic came and it was double what I budgeted, meaning I was going to be left with maybe N800 in my checking account.

But no biggie, I had money on my E-tag and fuel in my car for the week so I'm cool.

Sunday comes and these heifers are now " Serious" about Ghana.

New dates and what not, and more expensive ticket prices.


I also check the second trip because I mean I'm already intensely emotionally and financially invested.

Rookie mistake, I do not book a ticket on hold.

So Monday morning I get to work, I check online and I book a slightly cheaper ticket that the booking expires in 3 days but I do not really care because I mean I do not have the money and I'm doing the mental maths of  the fastest way of moving money around and maybe paying or not.

And because I'm silly and ungrateful and my memory is sooo short about how all the times God has come through for me, I start telling Eneni how, OMG I'm going to have to cancel one of the trips, most likely Ghana because no money etc etc etc.

Then I get a credit alert.
From my Old employers.
Co-operative Scheme.

Which is the exact amount of money for my ticket. That I had booked 30 minutes ago.

Because I have home training and I don't have power for onigbese and I'm well behaved I look at the details of the person that paid me. Like huh?

Okay so I'm confused, I'm calling who sent me the money like- EXCUSE ME, off course no one picks up.

I panic and tell Eneni that I just got some money but it has to be a mistake, she said send an email.

I send an email like " Hey guys I got some money, whats it about?"

Turns out on Friday they had a meeting and decided to pay Dividend and since I was a member up till May of this year I was eligible for payment and that was that.

Color me amused.

By the time the decision was made to pay me, I did not even know about the trip.

When I decided to go on the trip, I did not have the money but I paid for the accommodation anyway.

I booked the ticket and I had no idea where I planned to get the money from.

In literally 30 minutes of the booking being made, I got the exact amount.

You guys, I did not even pray or anything. It did not even occur to me to pray or tell God, I have other things I'm praying for so I'm like wo, this one I can handle let me not disturb God, I'm already asking him for that other thing- PS: He also sorted that one out as well.

All I did was try to start worrying about what had already been taken care off, before I even knew I was going to have that need.

Is God not amazing?

Doesn't he really see the end from the beginning and deserve our full and ultimate trust?

Am I not crazy for worrying when EVERY SINGLE TIME, he has come through so spectacularly that I am ashamed of how silly I was and I have Nigerian politician levels of shame AKA non existent.

Hint: Yes. Yes and Yes I am obviously crazy.

Like I want to put up the conversation I was having with my friend about how I'm going to have to drop a trip and stop buying things etc etc etc.

Shaaaa once I confirmed the money was actually mine.

I called the airline, confirmed the office location, and closing time.

Left my office at 4pm and went to pay for my ticket.

And that is that.

Vacation for the second half of the year sorted.

I still can't believe it.

Honestly if you want good things to happen to you, maybe you should hitch your self to my star because even me I can't explain it.

And this is why I really really really think my life's work has something to do with travel and travel finance, and why I keep at writing my Travel blog because I truly think they are linked but I'm still trying to work it out.
Plus there are only so many throwback posts I can give the gram before my bad belle followers block me.

Because, this is such a massive thing for me, I got home and told my mum.

She was like- God really likes you sha.

I told her- You think???

So that's the second travel testimony this year and we are just in July.

Dear God,

You know how we spoke about Asia being 2018 travel. Come through for your daughter.
Since you clearly have the hands and you are in the business of showing off in my life.

So I'm thinking the Thailand Yacht week* to ring in 2018 because you guysss I finalllly turn 30!

Then two weeks in May doing the big 4 Asian countries,

And if you have been reading this blog you already know how excited I have been about turning 30.

I really think I will enter my final form of fabulousness

Although people who know me say I am well on the way.

So that is the testimony.

God provided before the need physically manifested in my life.

 Also I'm thinking of trying out this fly without checking in luggage life.

So if anyone has tips come through for your girl abeg.

* I think it is cancelled now sha.

Ps: If anyone has been to Asia with a Nigerian passport tell me how you hacked it.
Pss: What Asian cities should I see?
Psss: Every trip is probably 2 weeks/10 working days.

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