Monday, July 10, 2017



non stop to as I am wont to do.

I know I know yet another spanish song.
In my real life, I'm going to marry a spanish billionaire because
in the words of JayZ, whats better than one billionaire? Two.

Y se formó la gozadera, Miami me lo confirmo
Y el arroz con habichuela, Puerto Rico me lo regaló

My spanish is getting better btw.


or just concluded reading this book.
Everything I needed to read/here in a flooded in weekend.

As you all know I am on a path to find my emotional range and I'm doing a lot of reading re: self awareness and this is such a good book.
Really important quote " You do not have to explain your love, You do not have to justify your love, You just need to practice your love.

Started a bout of self love my appreciating my body with sun salutations yesterday morning, fixing my hair and going to see the works of someone who said my features were very striking and he wanted to paint me. Old me would  have been like *side eye*, current me is like - wa wa wa thoughts. LOL.

Anyway its a really really solid book. 


-Kind to my body. I've had three surgeries and my body has housed my soul through recuperation and I'm done trying to get it into something else. My body is gonna be the body it is.

- Forgiving to the people who offended me. This is difficult because I used to be petty AF. But over the weekend, I took a step to forgive someone and I was really pleased. Still upset but glad.

-Late to work because rain came and washed away all the roads in Lagos.

- Truthful to myself and others by no longer telling lies that I do not need to tell. but especially to myself


For my favorite earrings. This loss of jewelry is so stressful for me because I never used to lose shit now I can't find anything.

Forward to this weekend, I have a yoga class and a wedding and I'm thinking maybe drinks and dinner.

Back at the delicious weekend I had. Asides being flooded in, I finally sorted out something that I have been stressing myself over. So pleased. I also took my new rings for a spin. Super pleased.

For people to do my get away with. Still silence.


-What someone who I met said to me, "I'm worried. You have so much depth", meant.
for whatever it is worth I'm sure it was a compliment.

- If this statement is true " Just because you are not winning, doesn't mean you are loosing"


That statement is true because its the window with which I plan to look at my supposed 6 month celibacy plan that turned into a short lived 3 week run.

Short lived is even being ambitious. but IDC IDC.


My life to the fullest.

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