Friday, July 7, 2017

Cougar du jour

Spent today in bed, I had exposed myself to the elements on Thursday and I just took today out rest and recoup.

My mum came in and said when she saw my car on a Friday night, then she knew I was really sick.

Imagine that?

Last night I was at bogobiri with T as is now our Thursday tradition ( till he runs away to America), and I met yet another 25 year old.

T shakes him and says, I prefer the one from last week.

I am about to die of laughter.

Why do you get to have a pissing contest with my baby boy's ? I ask.

Because It is always a pissing contest he replies.

I met an artist on Wednesday who has an exhibition I want to go and see after church on Sunday,

If anyone is interested please let me know so we can make plans to go together. My contact me page/link thingy has my email.

I'm finding my foray into art very very very interesting, It's almost like I stepped in and now EVERY door is opening to me.

I love that it is a really different laid back vibe from what I am used to in my actual job.

Also someone said they cant decipher what I do for a living from my Instagram account. Strange I swore IG had a different purpose but I guess I'm playing myself.

If anyone cares I'm in PR. LOL

That's what everyone thinks I do anyway so. :)

My former co-worker is getting married tomorrow and I honestly do not want to go.

Like I so don't want to go ehn, but I am going to go because it has already been decided by me and I think it would mean a lot to the bride if I show up.

Today is Eros's birthday.

And no I did not send him any present or message or olive branch because what is dead may never die but rise again stronger and oh look its 9 days to season 7 even though I don't watch GOT.

Still waiting on the final book sha.

I need to be really really really careful what I think/wish It always seems to come to pass.

I'm ready to become a super model and travel the world for free and run on beaches half naked and walk in fashion shows and write columns in magazines about my life in my spare time.

Dear Universe, my skin is clear enough for this now, over to you.

Speaking of travelling the world, I had planned to do more Nigeria travel but why does no one want to follow me?

I'm about to get myself a chunk of expat boyfriends to face this my travel dreams with because You nigerians aint shit ahn ahn.

Travel plans include IITA, Kaduna and Abraka.

You know just incase anyone is interested they are pretty much friday to sunday plan trips, pocket friendly and I'm celibate so I won't jump you. ( you can relax)

The only thing I ask, pay your way and take fire photos of me okay?

M thinks my life is very interesting.

Asides my self imposed sex drought, I am inclined to agree.

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