Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Currently and musings.


Non stop because I'm the Queen of indulgence.

say her name na fiona
she ah very fine girl but you know that she no nice
alcohol and cigarette oh oh



Which is weird because I'm always reading. 


My mind is everywhere. So I would not finish this.
But I promise myself that I will write.

So I sent an email to the boy that I most certainly and it's blowing my mind because what the actual fuck type of stress is this,  think I like.

Trying to explain, 
that I do an immersion thing*,
that I'm quick to leave
and that I'm scared that I'd break him
and whatever the fuck this thing we have is
Like I break everything else.

Without sounding like I'm the Queen of excuses.
And eliminating more maybes?

E said- You can enjoy the juice but do not get lost in the sauce.
Me: Oh I think I already drowned.

* Sassy says I do. I do not even know what this means.

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