Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Gracious.

Keeping in theme with Banky and Susu

I got married to a wilding and now my life is wild thing.

Someone slid into my Dm's talking about how he feels my life is pretty eventful and I was like nah, its pretty tame. 
I lied.
It's wild.

Yesterdayyyyy I had the most interesting meeting.

So Eros's girlfriend ( she says ex but you know how these things are) reached out to me to have a meeting*.

And it was interesting to see how even after we are not together I am some how still saddled with the task of making his life easier. Like you are not even honest with your new girl and she has to come to me?  

Because when we were done chatting, she said you know this is the most clarity I've gotten of the situation, he just wasn't telling me anything and I didn't know what to believe.

Me: Insert upside down emoticon.

Ps: She is the most delightful person and under different circumstances we might have been actual friends? 

Pss: On the upside, check me out guys. So gracious about the whole thing. I'm even surprised myself.

No really not to toot my own horn but she said " I was scared to order a drink because I felt you might throw my drink in my face".

Me: Oh?

Y'all think I'm wild like that?


* I had no idea who she was when I accepted to meet with her.

Psss: Life comes at you soooo fast. If someone asked me to write out what my life would look like when I was 18 10 years from now, I would never have envisioned that it would include pacifying my ex husbands ex girlfriend at a restaurant in Lagos at 2pm on a sunny Tuesday over water and lime ( Because air and water diet).

But as I said, life comes at you fassssst. :)

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