Monday, May 15, 2017

List 19: People who you want to most be like

People who own American/Swiss/German Passports

People who have found their lives purpose

People who can keep to time

People who make chocolate cake from lemons life dealt them and leave observers confused.

People whose purpose include being half naked on a beach/spa half the year.

People who have picked the right struggle and are reaping.

People who create

People who use their gifts/Talents and not bury them

People who pick up the phone and say " You have 5 minutes, please make this quick" ( I think that is me but okay)

People who do not tell lies

People who do not shy away from difficult conversations with their shiny new creatives.

People who can wink

People who can lift an eyebrow and smirk at the same time

People who are committed to whatever they decide to do.

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