Sunday, May 7, 2017

List 18: List the things that motivate you


When it comes to work ethic: I'd say my mum motivates me so much, everytime I speak to people that know her or have met her or have had cause to interact with her and the find out I am her daughter and we are in the same career space it's just always good things.

First shock, your mum let you come out? she is really strict you know?
Me: LOL only to her employers.
But yeah career wise my momma is my motivation. Now if only she would let me work with her

When it comes to following my dreams: Paulo Cohelo. (self explanatory) but I will explain. I read the alchemist and it changed my life.
It's so frighteningly simple it makes no sense yet makes all the sense.

And when it comes to looking like a damn spice: Agbani Darego ( LOVE HER BODY). she is stunning and her body could really be mine if only I took out time to steady my hands and face this gym life.

Friendships: I think I don't do friendships as well as I would like to because I chase after people and immerse myself in their lives and then I get mad when they refuse to do shit like sit shiva with me when shit happens, but they have never had to be on the other side. So it may be a huge adjustment for them.
For friendships it's Job's three friends in the bible who came to see him and when they saw him they sat with him in silence for 7 days and only spoke when he (job) spoke.
I want to listen more and try to stop fixing. Just basically listen more and just shut the fuck up.

On life issues: I'm torn between Yoruba adages and the bible. I do not really identify as Yoruba but I live for the adages. One of my favorite is " When your yam is done, cover it with your hand so that awon aiye will not come and take it" it however is hugely conflicted by " the Lord will prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies".

But I'm leaning towards the table and enemies.

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