Tuesday, May 16, 2017


 NON STOP to this song.
Now I personally believe Mr Steal your girl/neighbors know my name
is all talk and no action
But this song.
This song is trying to make me lose my home training and just be badly behaved

we both know it's been too long
show me just how you feel 
before the song goes off.

about my vacation in T-X days
Because can not allow awon aiye to pull down the plane from the sky.

Spanish. But really only these words/ phrases
pero no hablo español
Mas Fuerte
Mas Rapido
Ay Si
Cuba Libre por favor
Magarita por favor

Virtual cookies and a real life cuban cigar for whoever can be bothered to pop the words into google translate and tell me what they mean.

Mentioning casually in passing
That I am going to Cuba on vacation along with Miami.

I know.
I've earned it please.

About the time when my finances will be a realistic reflection of the lifestyle my vacation photos are going to portray abeg.
Because Slightly broke, but still stunting on these hoes, but broke and on a budget and still flexing but sort of broke.


with the madness my body is doing right now.
No Jokes. spent almost 20 mins in the bathroom checking myself out.
My body is Body goals right about now.
My girl saw me in the bathroom and was like " Nah I'm jealous"
Can not wait to put it in a bikini and give them drake lyrics as captions.


-getting a professional photographer travel buddy?
- taking out these faux single strip lashes I installed that make me look like a baby dragon and won't let me wear sunglasses. They are THAT long. (but everyone at work seems to like them so)
- getting a brazilian before I leave
- if I have over packed for this trip?
-if I should go to Disney world, but memorial day weekend.
- if taking sand to the beach is a good idea. (It isn't)

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