Friday, May 5, 2017

Random update

I should be updating about my calabar trip but yah all I've done is tweet and download spanish trap music.

Yes Spanish trap music.


One of my holiday cities they speak only spanish so I need to even know the sort of music they listen to.

And let me tell you. Spanish Trap music is sexy AF and littyyyy.

I'm worried I'm not getting enough sleep along with the fact that *never mind what the fact is*.

I still can not find my pandora bracelet.

And I may just be starting to freak out.

I met someone who thought I was Lagos royalty??

I'm like what?

When I told him I was angling towards Swirling he said well you can look into English royalty, I can see you being a right fit.

Me: You people rate me so highly.

I cut my nails and they started chipping.

Short nails are not really for me tbh.

Today I dressed very down to work; and I tweeted how if I do not get queried I would take the job very seriously.

Tonight is going to be a movieeeee and I'm sort of equal parts excited and nervous. This is one of the first nights that I have actively made plans since I moved back home.

So again.

Equal parts nervous and excited.

Song for the weekend: I'm the one.
Because here for Quavo's adlibs/ Skrr.

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