Sunday, November 20, 2016

Strokes and Vibes

Can we agree that maybe I should regroup this 30 day challenge?

Because I have missed three days and  I think I want to collaborate with my friend to keep ourselves accountable?

Sha. We have to agree.

This weekend was so for lack of a better word interesting.

Because I went to see Femi Kuti with my girl Steph and it was such a good show.

From there a bunch of us went to some 24 hour restaurant type place  (That has MUCH better food than prime chinese -Lagos take note) and had salads because Whole 30 perfection.

Saturday had me seeing friends I hadn't seen in AGES, and having candid conversations and just basically chilling.

I also popped into vanilla and it was nice to finally see the selfie mirror. You guys my selfie game is so poor. *In rekado banks voice* its a problem.

and came back to my hotel to catch up on ALL the sleep I missed out this week.

Sunday had me attempt to finish coloring the first page of my coloring book.

And offer running commentary for my friends golf practice.

Take aways from the weekend, I need to Focus.

Also I;m doing a lot of 2016 stock taking and my God, I think I left too much that concerned me in the hands of people that had no business.

in 2017. Iyalaya Anybody that tries me.

will be resetting dynamics and what not.

I am also thankful for this Abuja trip because I found the much needed rest and reset I needed.

I'm not missing meals and my skin is good and my whole 30 looks perfect.

and I am truly thankful for answered prayers.

Contemplating hosting a thanksgiving dinner on Thursday at one of my fave resturants, because I love my abuja fam bam and I am here so I might as well be present & Thankful.

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