Monday, November 21, 2016

30 Day Challenge

Today starts the writing challenge.


For a long time, I always assumed that someone would swoop in and save me and be my hero.

But I'm finding that, like broken down vehicles, people only come to your aid when they see you

come down, pop open the hood of the car, and pretend to stare intently at what you do not know,

Then  the Hero comes amidst the noise makers who start asking questions, "Do you have water for

the radiator?" or just generally commenting " Ah this over heating is serious, Aunt-ee why did you

not check your water today?".

I find that the Hero takes charge, the hero does not ask stupid rhetorical questions,  the Hero makes

no foolish comments, the Hero just gets to work.

The Hero asks " Is there someone who you can call to be get you to your destination in the unlikely

event that we can not sort this out?"

But the beauty about the Hero, is how they are always the most unlikely people, in the most

implausible situations, offering assistance. Invariably shaming the people you hoped would help you.

I find that taking the first step towards a solution in any direction, invariably brings noise makers,

but going placidly towards a solution, brings the Hero. The Hero is always there, we just need to

listen, pay attention and be aware.

I have no idea how or why, but that's just how it works.

Update: In a bid to be more accountable, I am writing these 30 days along with D (who writes here),

who has so  graciously decided to write along me till the wheels fall off. ( Hopefully this happens

after 30 days). Show him some love.

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