Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day Trip To Paris

I would be going on my second to the  last vacation in December ( I know I know)

But I would be in London for a few days maybe 5, But for some reason I am DYING, just dying to go to Paris for a day.

I have been to Paris Twice before but NEVER alone.

Because- what sort of sad person goes to the city of lights alone?

(Hint: the person who is in the frame of mind I am currently at)

I do not really have anything I am going to do in Paris per say.

I think I just want to go somewhere get lost (because I speak zero french) and at the end of the day
pack my things and come back home.

Does anyone else feel the same when they can't hack the head space they are in?

Also how sad on a scale of 1 to Americans voted for Trump is me going to Paris alone in winter?

(Hint: Very I know, I also kind of do not care)

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