Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How not to cheat.


That article is gold. Although it left out a very very very important factor. Self discipline.

People who lack self discipline will ALWAYS  go out and cheat- Not because they want to hurt you and destroy themselves in the process but because they are selfish and lack the self will to do the right thing.

That aside- I want to really really really point out that people do not even know what other people are going through.

I heard a story recently that chilled me to my bones- and made me realise how ungrateful I have been about everything I have.

This story had me feeling so low that I have been unable to shop- or even go to the sites. And yall know how hard it is for me NOT to shop. That is how shook I was.

People have real problems- and it is until you settle down and take out time to listen to other people's story- that you will know that what you think is wrong with you is nothing.

There is the story about people in a village who kept complaining about all their problems. The wise king then asked everyone to come to the village square and put their problems in a basket and then take their neighbors own since they felt their problems were too terrible.

Villagers appeared, and by the time everyone had displayed their problems. Everybody in the village was calm. Picked up the problems they came with and went back home grateful.

And I think that is how many of us are in life- The inherent need to compare yourself or to hate your problems and wish you had someone elses problems.

Till you hear their problems and you are like dayyyummmm son!

Anyways I have started my school work- PRAISE THE LORD! Amen!

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