Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Mama Drama?

Would you marry a man that already had kids?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Last night an acquaintance was telling me about how his baby mama is a wicked person and cant cook and etc and etc.

And I said but you lived with her, you planned to marry her- now she is a witch*. because she got pregnant.

He said no- he always knew she was a witch but it became very prominent when he hit hard times and she said she must go to america to have the child and she became a nusiance. and etc etc etc.

And Then he said he was even contemplating asking her to abort the pregnancy at 8 months.

But his new girl is so kind and loving and wants to take the child into their home. Home boy said he is proposing to her on her birthday AND will do registry marriage before the year runs out.

And I'm Like oh gosh- because she wants your son?

Inherently I might not be the one whose moral compass always points north but im sure I am not morally bankrupt.

I do not see how to raise my husbands first  son that is not mine and be comfortable.

What if my own kids come and then I start to discriminate against the other child- what then?

I think marriage is hard enough without adding baby mama drama- with a witch.

Then what if the woman refuses to give my husband the child? He will now be going to see the child in her house and next thing she is pregnant again.

Like- I can not even understand the logic.

Obviously children are a gift from God- and Maybe when I find the person I think I want to spend the rest of my life with and I am oh so in love- that the love may transcend to his child- maybe just maybe I might consider contemplating marrying a man with a child and a difficult baby mama.

soooo Yay or Nay to baby mama's?

* witch here does not depict an actual witch, just a generally wicked person who might be acting like a witch. LOL

Ps: This is obviously the abridged version.

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