Thursday, July 18, 2013


I am obsessed with clean bathrooms.

I find that since I lived alone, It is physically impossible to shower in a dirty bathroom.

It is why, I have added that to the list of things I use to judge people.

Plates in their kitchen AND how dirty their bathrooms are.

So you can understand why when I went to my uncle's house to spend the night before heading for the airport- I did not shower the night before.

The next morning however- I had stripped down ready to shower and I put on foot into the shower- and I looked down.

It was not really dirty- But it was dirty enough for me.

I jumped out- Naked- ran to the where the cleaning agents were kept.

grabbed some.

ran back to the shower.

Bent over, my big bum bum in the air

furiously scrubbing away at the filth.

Without a care in the world but the yearning for a clean bathroom.

And this is how my 21 one year old male cousin -who I forgot was at home and heard all the ruckus with my running around - damn those london houses and the wood floors- came and found me.

Naked. ass in the air, washing the guest bathroom.


Quaggar said...

Hahahahaha... now that would have been a funny and embarassing encounter.

Would give (almost) anything to have been a fly on the wall. Lol.

ps: given your penchant for cleanliness, you might have swatted me right there on the wall. So i'll pass.

Anonymous said...


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