Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weepy ( but the good kind)


As I said the good kind.

So this morning my house guest was like are you okay?

And I'm like SULKKKK- I do not want to go to work today. This current assignment is so hard.

Him- They work you so hard you should be used to it by now.

Me- This one is extra hard AH!.


So yesterday on my commute to work ( current assignment is on the mainland), A boyz II men song came on and I started leaking tears.

And I am like OH SHIT.

*back story*

A friend of mine just finished off with a pregnancy scare and I might have participated in one of those "OMG did you cum inside me sex sessions/ I'm not sure/ take the pill/" and you might have guessed right. I did not take the pill.

So I turn off the radio as I descend into oworo, and say a quick prayer like God please.

Anyways my boobs had been heavy for a hot minute so I had been saying I'd go and get a strip.

(saying and never doing)

So when I got weepy. I was like oh LORD. Please let me not be pregnant.

NOT right now ( I mean later obv)

And I was just feeling like oh gosh. Then I got to work found prime parking & felt better.

Fastforward to this morning.

Woke up and got my period.



Because - vain I know but I have just lost enough weight for even Eros to acknowledge and we all know how much of a hater he is.

I must confess that I also came across a thread on twitter about people on birth control/pull out method/ condoms and they were ALL either pregnant or with babies.

You guys.

You do not know relief till you are pregnant in your head and your body is like trick not this month. you good.

I am so excited also because I'm finally at this 28 inch waist line and I'm getting this lace black waist snatching dress made.

You can not grow a baby inside you with a 28 inch waist line.

And oh lord. the thought of being a pregnant bride.

I just want to send a quick shalla to Baba God for picking my call & giving me the all clear this month.

If anyone is coming back from Houston please help me.

I have two lipsticks & a dress stuck there. I am at my wits end on how to get them.

who wants to help me?

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