Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Job searching and Lagos failing

FYI- Lagos fails to kill me everyday and every night I celebrate my success and next day we do it all over again.

Like Ra battling Apophis DAILY.

But since Victory is ensured. Whats my own? we will be there fighting.

I got tired of waiting for people to notice how amazing I am at my job and try to poach me, and decided to be more proactive.

You guys.

1st. I re-did my CV.

I would not ever tag myself as a creative BUT after that CV, no one would say I'm not a self starter abeg.

2. I had to print out my CV. So off to Doculand I went-

Lets just say that when I am dropping off my CV- I would issue them with a stern warning-

Like if you wont hire me, please do not take my CV, paper cost me 480/ leave to print this.

So again.

If you are not sure or your secretary will use it to fan herself/sell to iya risika to pack her akara PLEASE- I take God beg you.

Just tell me upfront and let me go my way.

3. I redid my linkedin.

The first person I "reached out" to, because he works in a company I had my eyes on.

Started toasting me.
Or maybe he was being overtly friendly.

Either ways. I was like * scratches head*, if You are not offering me a job, what do I need your phone number for?

So I was just trawling the interwebs and saw this:


Anyways- I took it as motivation from God to keep at it.

Job searching CAN be daunting. No jokes.

But so can lots of things.

I'm learning to you know- Take it as it comes,

Offer doesnt click- Maybe it was not meant to be. Like on to the next one.

Because taking it any other way- might just really really screw you over- mentally.

Also seriously thinking of seeking out my passion AND then facing it squarely.

except- HA, guess who doesn't know what her passion is?

I am so seriously TIRED. of my current Job.

I have no idea how or why-BUT  I am tired of it.

waking up and coming to it everyday has me like OH LORD. save me.

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