Friday, April 29, 2016


That there is a difference between a rough patch & depression.

Somedays I wake up & I am throughly discouraged.

Like I can not even do the day.

I grossly dislike my job & I do not like how my life is panning out. ( sometimes).

But in as much as I know how to keep my mouth shut- I am learning that you really need to not be too excited and over gist your partner.

Let me tell you.

So I have staff I work with & so on, and on my last assignment. one of them said oh I have a huge crush & you /like you.

And that day the person mans the fresh meat stand & grand square, was so kind as to give me more than I paid for. :)

So I got home & was gisting away and mentioned it in passing.

Dearly beloved. To wear eyeliner to work now- I will get at least 2 side eyes because I am dressing up for my office boyfriend.

*insert eyeroll here*

That being said beach party this weekend.


I even had a new kaftan made.

I am giving out most of my clothes because- HONESTLY less is more.

and I hardly wear them anyway so.

Plus I have actually lost so much weight that the clothes & literally hanging off my body.

Co-workers keep asking what I'm doing.

PLease do you not see how I eat like a rabbit.

I currently have 2 lines on my abs.

Not trying to have rice to ruin it. :)

Meanwhile got my visaaaaaa! * squeal*

Off to South Africaaaaaa *spins*

LOL Am I a bad person for not buying aso-ebi for the lagos wedding BUT then travelling to cape town for the white wedding?

If your answer is yes. Keep it to yourself.

I want to cut down on my expenses & save more money so that I can take out time to look for another job.

Trying to go a daily analysis of how much I spend & I need a new budget.

For real.
No way I'm spending this much money.

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