Friday, July 3, 2015

Candid Conversations and AlcoholicUnited

Sooooo there are a FEWWWW conversations that I should have had,
But Bad bitch did not let me.

So last night one of my aburo's gave me a ride home*

Side bar- Eros and I have this road map where we are trying to intergate our lives.

Step one get a driver.
Step two get a dog
Step three do introduction
step four get legally married in the registry

So we got a driver, and while it is nice to be driven around and never worry about parking in Lagos ever again but OMG - driver is so tardy!

Always late with the most stupid excuses.

Anyway- Thats how I was waiting for said driver ( which honestly has to go) when I saw my aburo and lured her into giving me a ride home.

And further tempted her with champagne.

Week night drinking used to soooo be my thing

But everytime I drink- I have the most blinding headaches.

like My body is shutting down and I cant do anything about it.

Anyway I figured  Tylenool Pm and 10 hours of sleep lets me feel refreshed so.

Last night while we laid in bed and she regaled me with tales of EVERYONE in Lagos' marital and relationship problems and all that jazz, I plied her with copious amounts of alcohol ( most of which I drink because she was slacking)

And I tweeted about how -  horny Loose and limber ( read as uninhibited) alcohol makes me.

And in a flash I realised I need to have one of those candid conversations that I should have had back in February,

And I did. And you know what? Alcohol is liquid courage.

Because the conversation was not half bad. If anything it made me realise I am a bad person.

And I hate to be a bad person, So I apologized profusely and I'm glad I did because I like apologies.

Giving and receiving them.

I would also like to point out I had a really bad headache last night.

My nails are still jacked up, but I wanna go to the gym tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.

I have a WEDDING tomorrow- which I LOVE!

Uloh ( biggest baby girl ) is in town today, And yall know Uloh= only epicest weekeds.


nevermind the also.

But I thought to put this here- I am finding it difficult to handle all the attention this closure is giving me


I got a closure installed and I swear I look like a runs girl but never mind

Everyone keeps saying - Oh you are so beautiful. me- pause.

Y'all need to stoppppp.

second thing- My friends from Uni are amazing- they keep trying to hang out and I'm like nooo( because I am so fat now)

Anyways I eventually came clean like you guys - I'm fat so I don't go anywhere and they agreedto come to this heavily lowkey place.

I obviously cant say where but I love how lowkey it is. :)

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mizchif said...

Eros. Seen.
I see you're as far as step 2 now.
Meanwhile please stop sounding like you're a whale. I now get the side eye my friends give me when I complain about my weight because I'm side eyeing you from here.
As for the marital woes of Lagos people.....I'm just guys, what really is going on.
Dunno if it's something in the air or water but something is just not right.


I keep getting little signs that maybe I am on the right track, Just maybe,